New book: The Facts & Energy of Personal Finance

I'm pleased to announce that this book is now available for purchase on Amazon, as either a paperback or a Kindle book. Follow this link:

The first section of the book explores our views of money, and how those affect our lives whether we have much money or little. Emphasizes the key point of becoming clear on where you stand in terms of spending, savings, and debt; how clarity can improve your emotional responses to financial events.

The larger, second section gets into details and provides helpful tools and suggestions for tracking and planning, debt management, home purchasing and refinancing, dealing with money as a couple or family, income tax filing and credits, avoiding scams, and guilt-free contribution, among other topics.

If you're struggling with money and debt, wondering how you can ever get ahead when the deck seems stacked against you, want to change from just "dealing with" pressures of past and present needs to plan a more prosperous future, this book is the place to start!

The audio track available on this website is an interview I did with Bob Byrne on his radio program on December 5, 2018. We talked about the process of getting it published, and the last half of it is about why you might want the book.

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