What is "Financial Life Coaching"?

So, it's NOT financial "advice," as in what stocks to pick, how much money you need for retirement, or that sort of thing. We could discuss those things in a coaching session, but that's not my field of expertise. I'm certified as a coach, not licensed as a broker.

It's really about your WHOLE life, looking at it through a financial perspective. For example, I'm raising a family and I have concerns about how I'll get all the goods and services I need for them on my current income-- not to mention college expenses! Or, I run a business and I have cash flow issues. Or "emergencies" keep cropping up and it seems like life is just "one damned thing after another." All these situations can having you losing sleep at night, reaching for the antacids, just being very dissatisfied.

Coaching is meant to change your perspective or "raise your energy" by looking at your thoughts, beliefs, and actions; and discovering how what you've been doing may not serve you well. A coach works with you to establish your agenda for positive change, explore how best to do that, and support and champion you as you make those changes.

So when I say "Financial Life Coaching," it may include some planning about changes to what you're doing, or starting new ventures; but it may also work in other areas of your life-- for example, as you change your relationship to and thoughts about money, you may find your interpersonal relationships changing to, and talking about those is legitimate also. Once we get started, we'll let the energy flow where it will!

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