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What is Coaching?

One definition: "It's about finding where you're stuck and getting unstuck. It's about creating new habits to replace those old ones that aren't working anymore. It's about loving your life instead of just getting through it. Coaching is where you have a partner helping you out of the box. A coach runs alongside you, cheering you on, helping you back on your feet when you fall and celebrating your successes, of which there are many." *

A simpler one: It's a way to answer three questions: What do I want? What's in the way? How do I get it?" Because many times, sitting by ourselves, we're not really sure WHAT we want. We've been so busy just doing what has to be done and following the expectations of others, or of society, that we haven't ever clarified it. A coaching arrangement gives you time and structure to do that. Once we make choices of what we want, we usually find that there are some "blocks"-- external (situational) and/or internal (our attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, feelings) that may keep us from getting where we want to go. One of the goals of coaching is to minimize or re-frame those internal blocks so that they no longer get in the way. And when those change, so will the external situations.

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